Little Robin Giclée Art Print


Robins hold a special place in my heart as I’m sure they do for many. My grandparents and other elderly relatives all used to say that when they passed away they would come back to visit me as a robin. Now, whenever I see a robin in my garden it always makes me think of them and smile. My grandad sadly passed away earlier this year and so this particular poem was written with raw emotion. What makes the print even more special is that I hand wrote the poem using my grandads 35 year old fountain pen.

The robin was painted using watercolours and the high quality of the Giclée art print means that it looks very close to the original with the grain of the watercolour paper still visible. Each A4 print will be individually signed and dated by myself to maintain authenticity, before being carefully wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and posted out to you via Royal Mail.

All of my poems, wording and phrases are protected under Copyright © Sally R. Wilkes of Rhymes To Remember 2016-2021 and have been registered with The UK Copyright Service. You may not use my words for any purpose without my written permission. If you wish to add my words to a product or use it for any other commercial purposes then please get in touch to discuss the possibility of purchasing a commercial license.

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What Is A Giclée Art Print?


Giclée prints, or archival pigment prints, are fine art prints produced using specialist archival pigment inks and high quality, acid-free archival paper. The word “Giclée” is derived from the French verb “gicler”, which means to squirt or to spray, perfectly describing the way in which the printer nozzle applies the inks to the paper. If properly cared for, the vividness of the colour in Giclée prints has been shown to last for over 200 years.


How Do I Care For My Giclée Print?


To increase the longevity of your print, please do not display it in direct sunlight. Care must also be taken to ensure that the prints don’t come into contact with material that is not acid free as this will cause leaching into the print.


Can I Order The Print In Other Sizes?


If you would like the print in a size other than A4 then please contact me to discuss other available options.


Other Information


Please click here to see my responses to a number of other frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions then feel free to email me at


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