Horizon Weave


This one-of-a-kind red and yellow woven wall hanging has the words, “Weave your way towards the horizon” embroidered onto it. This phrase describes the appearance of the weave, which I felt somewhat resembled a path weaving its way forwards beneath a sunset. However, I feel that I may have unintentionally written another metaphor for my small business journey here. I have always been able to see where I want to get to – my horizon. But so far I have zigzagged in all different directions trying to get there. The path forwards is never a straight one!

This particular weave hangs from a small wooden dowel and measures approximately 12cm across and 38cm in length including the tassels.

All of my poems, wording and phrases are protected under Copyright © Sally R. Wilkes of Rhymes To Remember 2016-2020 and have been registered with The UK Copyright Service. You may not use my words for any purpose without my written permission.

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